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Welcome to the Lifeline Personal Alarm set-up hub.

Use the button below to reach our lifeline alarm set-up guide. Alternatively, we also have the set-up guide available in video format.

For homes that are set up with a digital phone line, select one of the options further below to reach the digital phone line set-up guides.

If you would like additional support, call our friendly 24/7 customer service team on 0800 999 0400, who will be happy to help.

These Set-Up Guides also apply to the Lifeline Fall Detector, so please follow along if you use one of these.

If you have a digital line to your home, please choose your broadband provider below:


What if I have broadband set up on my telephone socket?
If you have broadband, it’s likely that you’ll have an ADSL filter already connected to your telephone socket. This is a small, white box with two connections: one for your broadband and one for your telephone line. Keep this filter and any broadband equipment plugged in as they are.

Plug the transparent end of the long white telephone cable into the connection point labelled ‘LINE’ on the back of the Lifeline Alarm Unit. Plug the white end of this cable into the connection point labelled ‘PHONE’ or ‘ANALOGUE’ on the ADSL filter.

Why is my alarm ringing at the same time as my phone?
The Lifeline Alarm is set to ring alongside your telephone by default. You can choose to turn this feature off by using the small switch located inside the long, narrow well on the bottom of the alarm unit.

What is the Home/Away button for?
The Home/Away button is not used in the LifeConnect24 service and should always be left on the ‘HOME’ setting.

I can’t find my pendant in the box.
Your pendant is packed securely so that it doesn’t move during transit. Please check the triangular well of cardboard near the top right-hand corner of the box. It may be hard to see if it has slipped to the bottom.

Where should I install my alarm?

If you have an analogue personal alarm, it will need to be plugged into your main phone line, unless your area has been upgraded as part of the digital switchover, in which case your alarm will need to be plugged into your Wi-Fi router.

If you have a digital alarm, it can be plugged into any mains power connection in your home.

When installing your alarm, in the interest of your health and safety, please place your base unit in a well-ventilated area. Please also ensure it is not placed on or near metal surfaces or heat sources. These include televisions, radiators, internet routers, microwaves, computers, or in direct sunlight.

If you have any problems installing your personal alarm, please do not hesitate to contact our team by calling 0800 999 0400.

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"I was first struck by the immediate polite voice at the end of the line. The whole experience was easy and systematic and my mum now has the support she needs."

Mrs Sarah Smith

"They promised next day delivery and that’s what happened. The alarm means my son knows that I am safe, which makes me feel a lot more settled. Thank you for a brilliant service."

Mr Joe Doherty

"LifeConnect24's staff are welcoming and friendly over the phone. They understand that the person on the other end may be an older person who may struggle with technology."

Ms Joan Wood

"Fast delivery ready for my return from hospital. Easy to set up and wear, plus it give me and my family peace of mind that I am safe. I recommend Lifeline very highly to all."

Mr Thom Vincent

"Everything was well packaged and arrived safely. In fact, this morning, after 24 hours at home, my mum had a fall and has to use the alarm, so I know it works brilliantly."

Mrs Katherine Todd

Lifeline Case Study
Mr Peter Johnson

"Since his personal alarm was installed, Peter’s self-confidence has been given a real boost. Now he feels safer than ever in his home. Peter says..."