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• Written by Josh

Finding your Lifeline online couldn’t be easier. Our website has plenty to offer, including an highly-detailed blog, guides to our service and a simple way to make your personal alarm order.

Alongside our easy-to-use website, we’represent on a number of different online formats which are regularly updated to keep you up-to-date with all the latest offers we have, along with many other exciting and interesting content. Alongside our easy-to-use website, we’re

Today’s post takes a quick look into where you care find your Lifeline online.

Lifeline Online – Website

It’s easy to find Lifeline online, simply search for LifeConnect24 on your chosen search engine. Once you’ve clicked through, you’ll be greeted with a clear and concise website which will help you to discover more about our Personal Alarm service.

On our website you will find:

Alongside our online store and information pages, you’ll also find our in-depth blog. Our blog is aimed at older people and covers a whole host of topics such as finances, hobbies, medical conditions, technology, safety tips, healthy living, crime and, of course, our Personal Alarm service. Our blogs are updated regularly to ensure that they contain the most relevant and useful information.


On our Facebook page you will find the latest updates from our blog, news stories which are relevant to our target audience, and any special offers that we are currently running on our website.

You can can also use Facebook to contact our team and ask questions regarding our service, whether you’re an existing customer or just making an enquiry. Our team will answer any questions as soon as possible.

If you’ve chosen to join our service, it’s possible for you to leave a review about the quality of service you have received from our team.

By checking our Facebook page regularly you are ensuring that you are up-to-date with news headlines which may affect you. You’re also giving yourself the chance to read our excellent blogs, such as this one, which could help save you money and to stay healthy.

Visit our Facebook page.


Twitter has arguably become the most popular social media outlet in recent years due to its simplicity. People ‘tweet’ their thoughts or information within 280 characters, with the option of adding links and pictures to their tweets.

We do just that on our Twitter page. We use Twitter to invite you all to take a look at our website and our blog posts through links and pictures. In a short and simple way, we promote ourselves in the best way possible within 280 characters – not forgetting to use those all important hashtags that you have probably heard about lately.

Alongside our own content, we also share news stories from around the world that we think may interest you. Our twitter page is updated daily and is also available on your mobile phones and tablets.

Visit our Twitter page.


This is the newest form of social media that we have joined. Flipboard is a way of sharing the best news from around the web in one place by setting up your own ‘magazines’ and ‘flipping’ stories into each of them.

We various magazines set-up on our Flipboard account, including ones for each of our main blog topics such as finance tips, medical conditions and hobby ideas for older people. Others include a magazine for health and fitness stories, one for food and drink stories and one for news headlines.

If you are a Flipboard user yourself then don’t forget to ‘flip’ and share our stories within your own magazines! Flipboard is also available on your mobile phones and tablets through your app provider.

Visit our Flipboard page.

Personal Alarm Information

For more information about our life-saving personal alarm service, please get in touch with our friendly team on 0800 999 0400. Alternatively, complete our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Remember to use the discount code BLOG2018 when you order one of our personal alarm systems on a Monthly or Annual Plan to receive £10 off.

LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
2 Thoughts On This Blog
Debbie Harrison says:
09/09/2020 at 1:06

Can you please tell me how we set this up and how much it costs please we would like it ASAP many thanks Debbie

Rebecca Laston says:
14/09/2020 at 2:32

Dear Debbie, Thank you for getting in contact today. We have several different pricing and plans which you can view here: Setting up the system is very quick and easy, after receiving your order we will send you the pre-programmed unit out with 24hour delivery. You can have the system plugged in and working for the very next day! For further information, you can call our friendly Customer Service team on 0800 999 0400. I have also arranged for our printable information pack to be emailed to the address you have provided. Should you have any other questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Kind Regards, LifeConnect24

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