5 Community Groups that can combat Loneliness

• Written by Josh

There is a huge risk of loneliness spreading throughout the UK’s ageing population. Older people can lose touch with their friends and family, and find themselves locked away in their home for hours on end. Fortunately, there are several hobbies out there which can help; such as going to your local community groups.

There are community groups scattered across the UK, in cities, towns and villages, filled with people who have the same interests as you do. By going out and joining these groups you are increasing your social network and reducing the risk of loneliness and depression.

The activities on offer will vary in each location, but we’re confident that you’ll find the activity group for you. Here’re five great examples to try out;

1. Cooking Groups

Whether you’re a confident cook or just starting out, joining a cooking group help you to make new friends and therefore more social events in your calendar. Cooking classes will be run by professional chefs who can help you to learn recipes from around the world.

Most classes will then hold special events where everybody comes together to try out their creations, alongside a lovely cuppa! Whether it’s a lunch club or a breakfast club, your time within the group will be filled with delicious food and plenty of conversation! Of course, as we’ve discussed previously on our blog, being able to cook can also help you at home.

Home cooked meals are healthier that processed meals from the supermarket and will bring the family together for a special occasion each week.

2. Dancing

Going to a dance group is a popular choice among the older population. It’s easy to see why; you get the chance to learn routines and moves from the past, and can reminisce about your younger years. All of this whilst keeping fit, having fun and meeting new people.

It has been suggested that dancing is one of the most therapeutic activities for older people, and can help to fight off any stress or mental issues that you may be facing. It’s a chance to relax and challenge your brain at the same time.

The sense of achievement you’ll have after mastering another routine is also very hard to beat.

3. Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts is a term which can represent several different creative activities. Examples of the community groups you may find related to this include:

  • Painting.
  • Weaving.
  • Pot making.
  • Drawing.
  • Canvas making.
  • Collages.
  • Knitting.

What’s common throughout these activities is that they will keep your brain active and challenged. Your hand-eye co-ordination will also be improved during activities where you’re building or painting.

4. Board Game Clubs

Playing board games is one of the most social hobbies out there, no matter what your age is. To play the vast majority of games you need to have a group of anywhere between two and 10 people, depending on the game you’re wanting to play.

Not only do board games bring people together, but they also create emotions throughout the game. Whether you’re excited over the move you just made, or frustrated because somebody took the item you were going to use, board games will create an atmosphere and make you feel alive and active.

Playing board games also keeps your brain working, as you’ll need to constantly think about what your next move should be. You’re challenging yourself and your brain, which is vital in old age if you’re going to lower the risk of dementia.

5. Exercise Classes

Keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle becomes even more important the older we get. By doing the suggested amount of physical exercise each week you’re lowering the risk of so many medical conditions.

Admittedly, working out can be boring – especially if you’re doing it alone. Joining a group is completely different though. You’ll be guided by a professional trainer, in a sports hall with proper equipment and other people who are learning just like you.

Working out with others is a great way of pushing yourself, as you look to meet targets together, Of course, it’s a natural thing for competition to take over too but this is a good thing. The more you want to beat your classmates, the better the results will be for you.

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Lotetta Churchill says:
15/12/2020 at 5:10

I would like to join painting, weaving, potmaking. I’m also interested in dance or fitness, and cooking class.

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