5 Benefits of Using Computer Tablets for Older People

• Written by Josh

When the original iPad launched in 2010, it was unclear just how well a computer tablet would do. When you consider we already had high-tech mobile phones, laptops, TVs, and desktop PCs to play with, the tablet project was a risky one.

However, it turns out that these tablets are extremely helpful and have replaced the traditional PC or laptop in many households. They are particularly helpful for older people who may not be too confident with modern technology.

Today’s post will list five of the many benefits of using computer tablets for older people. You can see how technology can help older people in our in-depth guide.

5. Ideal Screen Size for your Eyes

Older people can begin to struggle with their eyesight – it’s a known part of the ageing process. Fortunately, tablets have an ideal screen size for older people compared to mobile phones and laptops.

Mobile phone screens are quite small, which means older people may have to strain themselves in order to read what’s on the screen. At the other end of the scale, some laptop and computer screens are too large and can eventually cause vision problems.

Tablets are a nice medium. Some iPad models even have retina displays which make it even easier for you to read what’s on the screen.

4. Easy on your Wallet

Tablets are considerably cheaper than the majority of laptops and PCs on the market, and its not like you’re really losing out by choosing one of these over a laptop. With a tablet you’ll still have access to:

You can also get special cases which include a built-in keyboard – perfect for your journal or work assignments.

3. Great Mobility

Tablets, such as the iPad, are the perfect size. They are smaller than laptops and computers, and rightfully bigger than your mobile phone. It’s the size of these tablets which make them perfect for your travels.

You’ll often find commuters on the train and bus watching or reading on their computer tablet. The set-up is quick and easy. Simply use a case stand and rest it on the pull-down tray on the seat in front of you, or hold your device in your hands.

Tablets are great to take with you on holiday too, especially on the plane. Download all of your favourite movies and TV shows before you take off and just relax throughout your flight. Once you’re finished, you can place your tablet back into its carry case or securely into your bag.


2. Social Media

As we’ve discussed before, social media can help older people to stay in touch with loved ones and friends. Tablets provide a quick and easy way of logging on to your accounts and checking out your profile – either through the internet browser or downloadable apps.

Tablets are particularly useful for video calls through Skype or FaceTime, due to the increased screen size compared to your mobile. You’ll be able to use the front-facing camera on your tablet to video call your contacts, no matter where they are in the country or around the world.

Other useful social media apps which can be found on tablets include:

1. Tablets are Easy and Comfortable

The best thing about tablets are that they are easy and comfortable to use. You can place them on a stand in front of you to watch movies and videos, or simply hold them in your hand as you browse the internet. They’re lightweight too, so they won’t cause any pain on your legs or arms.

Another positive is that tablets are much less likely to overheat, making them safe to use for long periods of time.

Both Samsung and Apple models use the same software as their mobile phone counterparts, which means it’s highly-likely that you’ll already understand how they work before you even use one for the first time.

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Editor’s Note: This article was updated on 13th December 2023 to reflect current information.

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