Tips for Staying on Top of Your Medications – Never Forget to Take Them Again

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Do you ever forget to take your tablets? Well, you’re not alone – research has shown that up to 70% of us will forget to take their medications on some days.

One of the greatest impacts you can have on your health is by taking your medications regularly. But why is it so hard?

It is all too easy to let your tablets slip from your mind, especially if you don’t have some strategies in place to remember. Things can get complicated if you have multiple pills to remember, or they need to be taken once a week which can be even harder to remember. It’s not surprising that nearly everyone misses a dose every now and then.

However, clearly it is a worthwhile goal to be as consistent as possible. Let’s say you take medications for diabetes, or for high blood pressure. If you are missing doses every week, this will have a long-term, lasting impact on your health.

So what is the solution? Here are a few tips and strategies to help you remember to take your medications.

Use a Pill Organiser

One of the most powerful ways to stay organised with your medication is to use a pill box. A weekly pill organiser is a great visual reminder for taking your tablets. Leave it by the bathroom sink or your bedside table to make sure you take your tablets on time.

You can set aside a day (usually Sunday) to get all your pill packets out and fill each day’s tablets and then you’re all set for the week ahead. If you take a tablet once a week, or every other day, it is especially useful to make sure you take them at the right time.

The best part of using a pill organiser is you’ll never experience that moment where you are not sure if you took your tablets that morning and worry about taking a double dose. Simply check the pill organiser and you can easily keep track.

You can pick up cheap plastic pill boxes from most pharmacies, but I often worry about how flimsy they are, especially if I am taking my pills out with me in a bag. Mannox produces a chic alternative 7-day pill organiser that is much more durable and looks great, too!

Work Around Your Normal Routine

Routines are powerful things. Once they are part of your normal rhythm you don’t even have to think about them. Wouldn’t it be great if it was the same with your medications?

Rather than trying to force a new routine, it’s much easier to pair one up with an existing habit. For example, why not decide to always take your medications just before you brush your teeth, or whilst waiting for your morning cup of tea to brew.

Try it out for a week. If you manage to stick with it, you’ll soon feel like you’ve always been doing it.

Make It Visual

For even higher chances of success with habit building, you need to have visual reminders.

It’s all well and good having the intention to improve your routine, but you need to give yourself the chance to make it happen. Visual reminders can be really useful for this. Think about it. If your tablets live tucked away in a drawer or medicine cabinet, you’re much more likely to forget all about them.

Why not leave your medications somewhere that will catch your eye – next to the bathroom sink or on the kitchen counter.

If the thought of leaving a pile of pill packets out for all to see makes you break out in a mild sweat, think about storing them in a pill organiser that is easier on the eyes. It’s also safer, as leaving pill packets out could be tempting for visiting grandkids or pets.

Set An Alarm

Simplicity is usually the answer when it comes to trying to make improvements. What could be simpler than a regular alarm on your phone or watch to prompt you to take your tablets?

This is especially useful if some of your tablets need to be taken at exact times. An alarm is perfect for interrupting whatever you are doing to make sure you remember your tablets. Some apps are available for a similar function if things are getting a bit complex.

Enlist Some Help

Last but not least, it’s fair to say that two brains are usually better than one. Especially if you are trying to build a new habit from scratch, it can be an enormous help to have a supportive person on your side to check in with you regularly and motivate you to take your tablets.

If they are willing, why not ask them to check in with you each morning at first, to ask whether you have taken your medications? A gentle reminder from them can make all the difference in building a lasting habit.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you use to help with your medications? Let us know in the comments below.

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