An Online Shopping Guide for People Over 50

• Written by Kedy Sem

Today, online shopping has become a major part of our lives. We understand this and businesses do as well. Businesses are improving their websites day by day to provide a better experience to their customers.

Online shopping is a comforting process for many of us but elder people who are not comfortable with using technology find it annoying. Don’t worry! Our online shopping guide offers some tips that elder people can consider before buying anything online. These tips are also helpful for business owners as they can use these techniques in order to improve their customer experience.

Why Shop Online?

Within the era of online shopping sites, shopping is one of the greatest conveniences. People do not want to go out in crowds and traffic to shop for something. Instead, they have the smart option to shop online, and online shopping has lots of benefits.

You can easily shop online to avoid traffic, and long queues, just to buy what you like. The discounts and offers they provide can easily attract people. What you all need to do is stay safe from unwanted threats and spyware. So before you hit the “buy now” button let me tell you some points which you should keep in mind.

I know, it is getting difficult for the non-technical elder people to shop online. This ultimate online shopping guide will help people to know the basics of online shopping. It is going to cover things like: how to be safe while making any online transaction, how to find the best product, how to get discounts, etc.

Here are some important tips for elder people to do online shopping safely:

Know the Authority: Don’t Fall for The Fake Websites

You can get many online shopping sites on the web but how would you judge the website’s safety?

Many website safety verification certificates are there to judge website safety, for example VeriSign. If you find a website with this sign you can safely use that site, as it’s more reliable and is therefore one that you can trust.

Be Aware of Price: Double Check for Hidden Costs

The Second important thing to keep in track while shopping on websites is to cross-check the shipping costs and any other extra charges which will be added to your product’s price later. What you can do to grab the best deal is compare multiple sites; always check for prices on other websites for the same product. This is a smart way to shop online.

Item Score: Check Quality Ratings and Reviews

This becomes an important factor when you are placing an order for any product, because the item is not tested physically by you. How would you know the quality of the product? While shopping online it’s a little difficult to judge the quality of any product; what you should do is read customer reviews and feedback before you plan to buy anything.

There are many sites on the web which are providing tested and comprehensive reviews on the best products. I came across Mr10, which is a review website that lists the best products for human needs. Reading reviews from niche review sites will help you find the quality product or service.

Make Sure It’s What You Want

Read the product description carefully to be sure that the product is able to do what you want. For example, is the handbag as small or big as you want? Before placing your order be doubly sure about the size and colour of the product. It can save you from the hassle of returning your product.

After Sale: Read the Return Policy

You need to remember to read the return policy of the website thoroughly before shopping for a product or service. Some companies have a particular time frame for returning and are quite strict about it, whilst others may be more relaxed and even offer a free returns service.

Check with customer service departments to make sure about the specific rules for return policy.

Important: Digitally Secured Websites

Now, this is the part where you need to put more attention. Always make sure that you are on a secure site before entering your personal details. The secure site will always have “https” at the beginning of its URL, or look for a security seal such as McAfee secure trust mark.

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Editor’s Note: This article was updated on 2nd August 2021 to reflect current information.

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