Top 5 things for the Elderly to see and do in Liverpool

• Written by James Connolly

As one of the nation’s most iconic cities, Liverpool is a vibrant metropolis steeped in unique history and local tradition. Situated in England’s North West, close to the Irish Sea coast, Liverpool was once the most important port city in the entire country. Fast forward to the present day and Liverpool is once more at the centre of modern Britain as a key hub for business, tourism and culture.

For elderly people visiting the city, Liverpool boasts a wide variety of excellent activities. From the famous ferry across the Mersey, to one of the nation’s most impressive Cathedrals, Liverpool offers some truly first-rate attractions. Therefore, Liverpool should be on your list of places to visit in 2019. 

Let’s look at the top five things for the elderly to see and do in Liverpool…

1. Take a Stroll Around the Royal Albert Dock

Since opening in the 1840’s, the Royal Albert Dock has been at the heart of Liverpool’s identity. Once a bustling centre of international trade and commerce, today the area is a regenerated complex featuring restaurants, cafes, bars, museums and a variety of local shops. An ideal place to soak up the city’s unique atmosphere, Albert Dock is home to some of the city’s most famous cultural attractions.

One of these is Tate Liverpool, a world-class art gallery dedicated to international and local creations. Then there is The Beatles Story, an immersive experience that takes visitors on a journey through the history of Liverpool’s, and probably the world’s, most famous band.

2. Explore the Towering Liverpool Cathedral

A mighty structure that sits high above the city on St. James’ Mount, Liverpool Cathedral is the city’s primary Church of England place of worship. Known locally as ‘The Anglican’, this is Britain’s biggest Cathedral and the sheer scale of the building is impressive in itself. Once inside, there are some of the world’s largest Gothic arches to admire as well as an accessible viewing platform with stunning vistas across Liverpool.

Services are held every Sunday and on major Christian holidays such as Christmas Eve and Easter. There are also a host of events held in the Cathedral throughout the year such as special concerts and community gatherings.

3. Hop on the Ferry Across the Mersey

Jumping on the Mersey ferry from Liverpool across to the Wirral peninsula is a quintessentially local experience. Many services offer a guided tour that provides a running commentary on the magnificent views that feature throughout the journey.

Perhaps most impressive of all is the view from the river of Liverpool’s Pier Head, because you’ll see the famous three graces:

  • Royal Liver Building.
  • Cunard Building.
  • Port of Liverpool Building.

This is not only a beautiful journey but a deeply historic one. Ferries have been operating on this route since at least the 12th century.

4. Visit Anfield Stadium

Anfield is home to Liverpool FC, one of England’s and Europe’s most successful football clubs. This modern-day temple of the game attracts millions of visitors each year. You can choose to experience a live game or go on a guided tour. You’ll see and learn about the club’s history, including the five European triumphs.

The stadium was recently renovated, increasing the capacity to over 54,000 as a result. Consequently, it is one of the Premier League’s largest stadiums, and one of the loudest.

Match tickets are available online and tickets for the tour can be purchased from the stadium on the day. The stadium provides full wheelchair access and family seating areas.

5. Take a Breather at Sefton Park

Sefton Park is Liverpool’s largest and most popular public park. It’s a Victorian park located in the south of the city and is home to the iconic glass palm house. Filled with 19th Century charm, the space boasts a lake, flower gardens and a range of cafes that are ideal to enjoy a warm cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake whilst watching the world go by.

Locals and tourists alike love the park’s open spaces and woodland pathways, with much of the park wheelchair accessible. This is Liverpool’s premier park and therefore it is exceptionally well maintained throughout the year.

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