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The Flood Detector is an ingenious device that could protect your property and even save your life. It can detect early signs of flooding and raise an alarm. With automatic flood alerts sent to our Response Team, we will contact you straight away if the flood detector is activated. So how does the flood detector work? What happens when it goes off? We’ll explain it all in this simple guide.

How does the Flood Detector work?

The Tunstall Flood Detector can be placed anywhere where flooding might be a risk. For example, common places are under a sink, near a bath or toilet. When 2 of its 3 sensors make contact with water, our Response Team will receive an alert. At the same time, an audible alarm will sound to let you know there is a flood hazard. Our Response Team will contact you via your Lifeline alarm unit, assess the situation, and take the appropriate action to keep you safe.

Flood Detector Features

The flood detector, like lots of our Lifeline alarm equipment, is manufactured in the UK by the experts at Tunstall. It has so many useful features that work in tandem with your Lifeline alarm to keep you and your property safe. These features include:

  • Audible flood detection alarm
  • Automatic flood alert sent to our Response Team
  • Small and compact radio sensor unit
  • Transmission to Lifeline Alarm unit
  • Dedicated and reliable radio signals
  • Optimum radio battery operation with a 5-year battery life and low battery warnings
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reduces the consequences of flooding e.g. damage and accidents
  • Reduces repair costs and can keep insurance premiums down

Who is it for?

The flood detector is ideal for Lifeline alarm users, especially those who are elderly and/or disabled. Nevertheless, it is perfect for anyone living independently who may be at risk from flooding. Whether you’re a younger person with a habit of leaving the tap running or an older person who wants extra reassurance, the Flood Detector could be the solution you need. It doesn’t matter what age you are, this is a handy piece of kit. It’s suitable for homeowners and renters alike with no drilling or nails required.

For people with dementia and similar conditions, it can be very easy to leave the tap running. This can quickly become a serious hazard, especially when electrical appliances are nearby e.g. in the kitchen. Therefore, people with dementia can benefit enormously from having a flood detector in place. It can also offer crucial peace of mind to friends and family.

How to Order

To order a flood detector today, just give us a call on our freephone number 0800 999 0400. If you already have a Lifeline alarm, you can add a flood detector to your existing plan. Or, if you are new to the Lifeline Alarm service, we can send all your equipment out together with free next-working-day delivery.

To learn more about the Lifeline alarm service, just read our in-depth guide or give our team a call on 0800 999 0400. Alternatively, complete our Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
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LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
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