Top 5 Things for the Elderly to see and do in Chester

• Written by James Connolly

One of the most historic cities in the UK, Chester is a place teeming with atmosphere and culture. As a result, the city on the Anglo-Welsh border is one of the nation’s most visited settlements, with a variety of top-notch tourism hotspots drawing people here in their droves.

From the stunning cathedral to the ancient Roman city walls, Chester is a history buff’s dream. In addition, there are more than enough cultural and gastronomic pursuits here to keep others interested, whilst shopping is some of the best in the region, too.

So, without further ado, it’s time to take a look at our top five things for elderly people to do in Chester…


Chester Cathedral

This gorgeous Church of England cathedral is a Grade I listed building that’s perhaps the city’s premier tourist attraction. Dating back to the 11th century, the cathedral continues to function as a place of worship as well as one of the city’s best performance venues for concerts, plays and more.

Built-in New Red Sandstone, the cathedral is a triumph of the Gothic and Romanesque styles and it continues to serve as the seat of the Bishop of Chester. With stunning stained glass features, the cathedral’s crown jewel is surely the Nativity Window in the Chapel of St Werburgh.


Chester City Walls

As a city with a long and storied Roman heritage, Chester boasts some of the best-preserved city walls in the UK. The fortress of Deva Victrix in modern-day Chester was begun by the Romans between 70 AD and 80 AD. The walls were repaired and added to up until the English Civil War, after which they became largely a tourism and leisure feature.

These days, visitors from across the country come to Chester to take in the deep history of the city walls, which form a complete circuit around the city and amount to almost 3km in total length.


Grosvenor Park

Grosvenor Park is a stunning green space of over 20 acres located in the city centre of Chester. The park is seen as one of the UK’s top examples of a Victorian public park, a grade II registered park. At the park’s heart is the regal structure of Grosvenor Park Lodge. A grade II listed building that dates back to the 19th century yet which is designed in the Tudor style. Complete with black and white detailing.

This beautiful park is ideal for a summer day stroll and is located close to the River Dee and its popular promenade.


Chester Zoo

As perhaps the nation’s top facility, Chester Zoo is a wonderful place to spend a summer afternoon among some of the globe’s most interesting creatures. The zoo is renowned for its efforts around conservation, with a variety of rare animals housed in the zoo’s first-class facilities.

Indeed, the zoo frequently ranks as one of the very best in the world and at over 125 acres it is easily the largest in the UK. With a number of great cafes, restaurants and shopping opportunities, Chester Zoo offers mobility scooters and lockers near the main entrance.


Tatton Park

This historic estate located near Chester is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in the north-west of England. Featuring a Tudor hall and neo-classical mansion, Tatton Park is a wonderful place to come and soak up the elegant, old world ambience of rural Cheshire at its finest.

In addition, the park is home to a deer park with dozens of fallow, whilst the gardens are resplendent with a variety of local and international plants and flowers.


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