Top 5 Birthday Presents for your Grandchildren

• Written by Josh

Christmas is over and we are into a new year, which means birthdays begin to come around quick once again. Don’t worry if you aren’t ‘down with the kids’ because we’re here to give you some tips on what birthday presents you could buy your grandchildren in 2018.

Whether you have a grandson, granddaughter or both – we have the best birthday presents covered right here:

 1. Star Wars Merchandise

The Star Wars phenomenon continues, and with it comes a new generation of fans. Over the last three years we have been treated to two new movies within the original universe, carrying on the story of Luke Skywalker, as well as the intriguing Rogue One movie. This year we even get a Han Solo origin film!

Alongside the new films, toy stores have been filled with brand new Star Wars toys to buy. There are so many toys to choose from – it is impossible to get it wrong because children are in love with this franchise.

Toys that you can buy include lightsabers, remote-control droids, action figures, fancy dress, Lego sets, video games, board games and pinball. That’s just a little insight into the collection which is growing each week and with another three movies planned, it is going going to get bigger and bigger.

2. Fingerlings 

One for your younger grandchildren now, as we turn our attention to Fingerlings from Jazwares. These cute baby monkeys respond to sound, motions and touch… and will let your grandchildren known when they like what they are doing.

These monkeys can hang from your fingers or play on the monkey bar and swing set. Your grandchildren have the last say though, by telling the fingerlings that it’s time to go to sleep or time to wake up!

We can guarantee that your grandchildren will love these toys and will want to add to full fingerlings crew to their collection.

3. Moana Merchandise

The Disney success story continues with Moana, the animation movie set in Ancient Polynesia. The movie was a grand success, with boys, girls and adults all loving the story and comedy throughout. Having Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson involved no doubt helped this movie to appeal to so many people.

As with all Disney movies, there are plenty of toys to choose from and they will make perfect birthday presents for your grandchildren. Some of our favourites include Maui’s Magic Fish Hook and the Moana Doll and Canoe Set.

There are so many toys and games to choose from that there just isn’t room on this post, so check out your local or favourite toy store today and find your perfect Moana gift. Of course, if your grandchildren are yet to see this movie you need to buy them it on DVD or Blu-Ray!

4. Board Games

Gone are the days where board games were considered to be boring and “nerdy.” The industry had had a huge amount of success over the past couple of years, with more and more people getting involved and playing new games.

The hobby even has it’s own weekly feature on The Guardian and players are spending hundreds of pounds to fund upcoming games on crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. With this in mind, why not get your grandchildren involved? There are plenty of amazing party and family games that they will love. Some examples include:

Board games are great fun and they will get your grandchildren away from the TV screen for a little while. It will also encourage more family time…. which means you can get involved as well!

Puzzles and colouring books have also seen a popularity increase, so they may be worth checking out as they make for great birthday presents.

5. Funko Pop 

You’ve probably seen these little vinyl figures everywhere over the last couple of years, with more and more being released every month. The Funko company has plenty movie, sports and TV licenses that you’re bound to find the perfect one for your grandchild.

The unique feature of the Funko Pop is the unusually large head, which has become the trademark of the brand. Collections available include:

  • Star Wars
  • WWE
  • Marvel
  • Disney
  • Stranger Things
  • Game of Thrones

Marvel Funko Pops stand out because they’re all bobbleheads, and can be placed in more unique locations. Beware though, fans of the Funko Pop figures are unable to own just one, so you might be buying plenty more in the Christmas’s and birthdays to come.

Birthday Presents – A Bonus Gift

An extra bonus gift for your grandchildren is the gift of peace of mind. Having a personal alarm in your home is the way of providing this present, not only to your grandchildren, but to all of your loved ones.

Our system comes in two different parts; the Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit and the MyAmie Pendant. Having this system at home allows you to call for help when you need it, whether that’s due to a fall or an illness.

All you need to do is press your red pendant button, day or night, and our TSA Accredited Response Team will respond instantly. They will assess your situation, before calling for help in the form of your friends, family or neighbours (emergency contacts). The emergency services will also be contacted on your behalf if you require medical assistance.

Personal Alarm Information

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LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
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