4 Reasons why older people must visit Barcelona this Summer

• Written by James Connolly

As a city with a reputation for being something of a party hub, Catalan capital Barcelona is certainly one’s Europe’s most vibrant destinations.

However, Barcelona also boasts significant cultural capital, fascinating history and a pioneering gastronomic scene to rival any on earth. This makes it a wonderful place for older people to visit. It’s particularly appealing during the warm summer months when this metropolis is at its sultry best.

From days spent strolling along the beach to evening dinners in atmospheric plazas, a summer holiday to Barcelona might just be the perfect way to spend a few days. So, without further ado, here are our top reasons why older people need to visit Barcelona this summer…

The Food is Incredible

Spanish food has always been on the radar of foodies from New York to Newcastle. Tapas has become one of our favourite imports from the Iberian Peninsula. Yet in Barcelona, there is a gastronomic tradition that’s completely unique to the city and the wider region of Catalonia.

The area is the birthplace of molecular gastronomy, a style of cooking that elevates traditional dishes to near-scientific levels of complexity. This mesmerising method of eating features foams, gels and even vapours. It’s appealing too! Thousands of tourists flock to Barcelona’s top restaurants to get a taste of what is a true local experience.

An evening meal in one of the best eateries may set you back a pretty penny. However, a meal in a temple of molecular gastronomy is truly a once in a lifeline experience. You’ll definitely remember your experience for many years to come.

You never know, you may want to cook Catalan food in your own home when you return.

The Amazing Museums and Galleries

Barcelona is one of Europe’s capitals of museums and art galleries. Even those with a passing interest in culture knows that. In Barcelona you’ll find a wide range of styles, such as:

  • The grandiose National Art Gallery of Catalonia.
  • The ultra-modern Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA).

The city caters to all tastes when it comes to art galleries, so you’re bound to find one for you.

Then, of course, there is the Picasso Museum. This is an unmissable experience for those seeking to learn more about the work of perhaps the 20th century’s most important artist. Atop Montjuic hill, the Joan Miró foundation is the best place on earth to enjoy the work of the city’s most famous modern art innovator.

Regarding museums, Barcelona is second only to national capital Madrid when it comes to cultural clout in Spain. From the Museum of the History of Barcelona to the CCCB modern cultural centre, this city is constantly updated with new exhibits that showcase both old and new elements of local and international culture and history.

Exploring the Hidden Neighbourhoods

There is much more to Barcelona than the busy beach and Gothic Centre of the city. Head uptown toward the cooler, more laid back heights of the looming Tibidabo Hill and visitors can discover an oasis of calm right in the city.

The neighbourhood of Gracia is perhaps the most typically Catalan of all in Barcelona. Gracia retains a village-like feel that enchants those who take the time to visit. The area boasts pedestrianised streets, ambient squares, traditional restaurants and vermouth bars. As a result, it is perfect for older people looking for a calmer version of Barcelona. 

Likewise, the Poble Nou neighbourhood to the north of the city centre is another quieter, less touristic part of town that’s famous for its Rambla. This long stretch of pedestrianised street is much more laid back and ambient than its namesake in the city centre. Take a stroll down here toward the beach, which is much cleaner and quieter than that of more renowned Barceloneta.

Barcelona Day Trips

Another great reason for older people to visit Barcelona is that the Catalan capital sits perfectly perched on the northeastern coast of Spain. This means it is extremely close to some excellent seaside towns and resorts.

Take a train for just 20 minutes to the atmospheric streets and sun-soaked beach of Sitges. This a community renowned for its great restaurants and shopping. Alternatively, head in the opposite direction and spend a night in the idyllic town of Tossa de Mar. This is one of Catalonia’s best loved resorts that’s managed to quell the rise of package deals in favour of a more holistic, preservative approach to tourism.

Wherever you choose, Barcelona is a great city from which to take one or more day trips. Whether taking train or bus or rental car, heading north or south along the coast from this metropolis presents a wide range of options including beaches, cliffs and ambient towns.

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