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• Written by Caitlin

Margaret Yeoman is a Lifeline customer from Peterborough who has been with us since January 2016. We spoke to her about her personal alarm to get her insight on how the alarm helps her and brings her and her family peace of mind. In our series of Q&A’s we take a look into the lives of our customers, find out more about them and how they use their alarm.

Mrs Yeoman is a 75 year old Christian. She is an enthusiastic volunteer and enjoys a range of hobbies including sewing, crafts and calligraphy. Mrs Yeoman stays up to date with modern technology and spends a lot of time on her laptop which she uses to keep her skills alive and manage her local churches website. If you would like to take up a range of hobbies like Margaret, visit our blog all about popular hobbies for older people to discover where your passion lies.

Why did you choose to order a Personal Alarm?

I’ve had a few falls, one in the house and one in the garden tripping over a hose. When tripping over the hose I broke my knee and needed family help when I got home.

Following a fall onto my back while exercising a Hearing Dog puppy in a field, I needed help from my daughter, who works in London. I’ve also had several incidents when Atrial Fibrillation meant a stay in hospital. All of my family live a distance away from me and were concerned about me living alone.

Have you used the Personal Alarm?

I have never intentionally used my alarm. I have twice set it off accidentally when leaving the house or getting in my car, and not realised this had happened.

How helpful were the Response Team during this incident?

The Response Team were very helpful. They arranged for help, and the staff were very understanding when I rang to apologise.

What difference has the Personal Alarm made?

The alarm has given me peace of mind living alone and has allowed my family to relax. They are happy for me to stay at home and have not suggested that I need to move into sheltered accommodation.

What message would you give to those who are anxious about having a Personal Alarm?

If you suffer with falls or conditions which may result in collapse, the alarm will give you personally, and your family reassurance.

The Lifeline Alarm & Fall Detector

Alongside our personal alarm we also offer a Fall Detector which is perfect for those who are prone to falls, blackouts or fainting. The advanced technology within the Fall Detector means that it can detect a fall and should automatically send an alert to the Response Team – there’s no need to press a button. The detector also features a button – much like the standard pendant – so can be pressed if you feel unwell. It also features a cancel button that you can press if an alarm call is made accidentally. The Fall Detector is the perfect solution for a lot of our customers who do suffer from certain conditions. To find out if its suitable for you, visit our Fall Detector information page today.

If you would like more information about our personal alarms you can get in touch with our sales team seven days a week. You can get in touch with them over the phone on on 0800 999 0400 or via email to Alternatively, if you would like to place an order you can do so via our website.

LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
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