5 Affordable Gadgets for Tech-Savvy Older Adults

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With more and more of us hitting our golden years, affordable technology geared towards improving older adults’ lives is becoming more popular. Every year, businesses release new devices and apps that have revolutionised how we live. When it comes to gadgets to make your life simpler, there are a lot of options. For example, you can open your favourite jam with the simply push of a button or keep in touch with loved ones by using a tablet that’s suited to seniors.

Whether you love technology or just want to find out what’s out there, here are five affordable gadgets you can use to make your life easier.

1. An Automatic Can Opener to Help You in the Kitchen

Are you having trouble opening the can of soup you’re craving? Opening them as quickly as you used to can be a real challenge, especially if you suffer from painful arthritis or chronic pain that makes most basic tasks impossible. Luckily, an automatic can opener makes this problem a thing of the past. With the simple push of a button, even the toughest can will become a breeze. Most of them are affordable, with the most basic models costing less than £10. Depending on the design, they can also open jars, bottles, and so much more.

2. A Smart Vacuum Cleaner for Your Household Chores

Traditional vacuum cleaners are often too heavy and bulky for you to handle your household chores without being physically exhausted. Starting at less than £300, these smart vacuums are an affordable solution to make your cleaning routine a lot simpler. The sensors on these little robots allow them to detect dust and other particles, even on hard-to-reach surfaces, like under your bed or the dinner table. In case you want more advanced features, some models offer mopping and self-cleaning options for better house cleaning and less dirt contact.

3. A Smart Shoe Sole to Find Your Way Home

Being unsure of your location can be a frightening experience for you and your caregivers if you suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Luckily, GPS SmartSole came up with a seamless solution, so you’ll always find your way back to your caregivers. This affordable gadget slips inside your shoe, and is subtle enough that you won’t even notice it.

By using GPS technology connected to your smartphone, your location is tracked every five minutes. It’s then sent to your caregiver’s online account or SmartLocator app. Information is also sent to your phone as a text and email alert to notify you of your last location. In addition to keeping track of your whereabouts, its comfortable sole allows you to just wear it without even noticing. In case you want something different, they also offer a mini-tracker that can be attached to a keychain.

4. An Age-Friendly Tablet to Surf the Web

Keeping in touch with loved ones or watching your favourite films is always a pleasure. Tablets aren’t always easy to use, especially for older adults who aren’t as comfortable with technology. Thankfully, there’s been a push to create more functional tablets you can use without the hassle of confusing features. GrandPads, for example, are affordable gadgets designed especially for the elderly. By allowing easy access to essential apps and the internet, removing spam to prevent fraud, and even allowing multi-party video conferencing, a simply tablet like this is a great addition to your tech collection.

5. A Smart Pillbox So You Don’t Forget to Take Your Medication

Taking more medication can make it difficult for you to keep track of everything. If you’re having a hard time, a smart pillbox can give you reminders throughout the day that won’t let you forget. Most simple models sell for less than £100, and all you need to do is load your pills and set your desired alarm. A more advanced one may require you to sync it to your internet connection and smartphone. As soon as you’re done, these affordable gadgets will ensure you never forget to take your pills in the future.

A Smart Gadget Goes a Long Way

The older you get, the more small everyday tasks become harder to do. Even something as simple as opening a jar or cleaning the house can be challenging. The good news is that we’re living in a time when technology makes everything easier. Especially for older adults.

It may take a little while to adjust to a world filled with appliances and products you’ve never seen or head of before. Remember, though, that many of these affordable gadgets are designed to help you live the comfortable and convenient life you deserve.

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