Adult Colouring and Jigsaw Puzzles

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Adult colouring books have become a surprising sensation and are flying off the shelves across the country. All of a sudden it is cool and interesting to pick up a colouring book and design a masterpiece. No matter how old you are!

It’s the same with puzzles, with many young and old taking up the hobby. The bonus about these activities is that they can be completed in the warmth and security of your own home. They can be completed by yourself or with your partner, friends and family.

So what makes these two elderly activities so good? We take a look at the benefits of buying adult colouring books and jigsaws.

What’s so good about Adult Colouring Books?

In a world full of technology and batteries, it’s a nice feeling to know that there’s something out there to help combat boredom and stress without increasing the electricity bill or hurting your eyes.

Adult colouring books bring out your creative side and remove yourself from the stress and worries of everyday life. You can simply relax in your living room, your bedroom, on a park bench and continue working on a masterpiece.

Colouring is a great way to introduce yourself to the concept of mindfulness. One gets so engrossed in colouring, it’s an extraordinary activity – in fact, if you watch children playing with crayons you can see just how absorbing it is.”

Not only is colouring great for stress, but you are also taking a trip back down memory lane to your childhood. You can then show-off your colouring skills to your grandchildren who may have their own attempts to show you – a little competition never hurt anybody!

The designs inside adult colouring books contain plenty of lines and different sections to help you create a multi-colour design. The amount of different ‘boxes’ means that there are so many different ways to colour. You could decide to use every gel pen/crayon in your collection, or you could keep it simple with only a select few.

With today’s economy, everybody likes to save as much money as possible, so it is brilliant that these colouring books are sold at a reasonable price. Prices start at around £5, with the most expensive books costing around £15.

If you are a fan of electronics you can share your finished pages online through social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram. Using #AdultColouringBooks and similar hashtags will take you to an online colouring community.

Genres On Offer

There are plenty of different adult colouring books on offer for you to choose from. One of the most popular books is ‘Secret Garden: An inky treasure hunt and colouring book,’ which has sold over one million copies. This book is full of garden scenes which contain flowers, trees, animals, furniture, ponds and unique floral designs.

Other similar adult colouring books will see you completing designs based on the animal kingdom, forests and travel landmarks – We like the owl and bird designs the most!

It those don’t appeal to you then there are tattoo design books and specific books such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Japanese designs. Adult colouring books are available from most books stores including Amazon, WHSmith and The Works.


Puzzles – Wasgij

Now we’ve covered colouring books lets discuss other elderly activities, jigsaw puzzles! Wasgij brings a whole new concept to the table with their puzzles. You know things are going to be different just by looking at the name – which is jigsaw spelled backwards!

They are certainly one of the most challenging jigsaw collections on the market. Split into different collections the main aim of the game here is to not put together the image on the box, but to put together a vision of what happens next or a different version of the same image.

Collections includes:

  • Original – Puzzle what a certain person on the board is looking at.
  • Mystery – Puzzle what happens next to the characters on the board.
  • Destiny – Puzzle what the characters and scene will look like in the future.
  • Imagine – Puzzle a board character’s dream into a reality.
  • Back to – Opposite to destiny, puzzle what the scene would look in the past.

Despite the challenge, these puzzles do offer a great sense of achievement when your ‘new’ image begins to show itself. You cannot help but make comparisons between the finished puzzle and
the image on the box.

Jan Van Haasteren

Manufactured by Jumbo Games, these cartoon-styled puzzles are highly detailed, colourful and hilarious. Jan Van Haasteren has been designing puzzles for decades and has trademark details in every puzzle.

Items to look out for include the shark’s fin, Saint Nicholas, the hands, the dentures and of course a portrait of the man himself.

Each crazy puzzle takes a look at different scenes within certain surroundings. Examples include The Antique Show, The Golf Course, The Playground, The Office, The Tennis Court and Under The Sea. Pretty much every location and scenario has been thought of by this artist – who continues to create masterpieces to this very day.

These puzzles are definitely ones that you can complete with your grandchildren – they will find the images very funny! Sizes available include; 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 5000 pieces puzzles. 1000 pieces the regular size for a puzzle but if you are up for the challenge then go for the huge 5000 one.

Ravensburger Puzzles

These puzzles have more of a realism effect compared to the previous two collections. Ravensburger switch between famous landmarks to scenarios similar to those used in the Jan Van Haasteren collection.

Examples of these puzzles include:

  • Around the World – San Francisco, Paris.
  • Happy Days – Blackpool, London.
  • London Piccadilly.
  • Country Cottages.
  • Sydney Fireworks.
  • The Supermarket.
  • The Cricket Match.
  • The Airport.

These puzzles are finished in a lovely vintage style which gives them that professional look. Different sizes are available which means you can make the decision of how hard to challenge yourself.

Colouring Books and Puzzles

3D Jigsaw Puzzles

3D puzzles offer a whole different challenge to your regular jigsaw. These puzzles give you the chance to create your very own version of landmarks from around the globe.

Examples include Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge, One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building. There are also football stadiums on offer such as Stamford Bridge, The Emirates Stadium and Old Trafford.

Pieces come in all shapes and sizes and have been created to all fit together perfectly as you work your way through the puzzle. These puzzles can be challenging and will require patience if you are to complete them correctly. Too much force could damage the piece and it may not fit in its allocated spot.

3D puzzles could be more suited to a couple of players rather than you doing it by yourself.

Colour & Puzzle in Peace

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Editor’s Note: This article was updated on 13th September 2021 to reflect current information.

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