Case Study: Meet Our Lifeline Customer Service Team – Natasha

• Written by Katie

Welcome to another Meet the Team blog here on LifeConnect24. Today, we’re talking to Natasha from the Lifeline Customer Service Team. She’s one of the friendly voices you’ll hear on the telephone when you place an order or call us with a question. We’ve asked Natasha a few questions to help you get to know the people behind the Lifeline Alarm Service.


Name: Natasha

Favourite musician: Lana Del Rey

Last thing you watched: Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills

Favourite place: Los Angeles

Being a Lifeline Customer Service Executive, you must adapt to different situations on a daily basis. Why did you decide to do this job?

By doing this job, we are providing a service that ensures vulnerable people can always get help.

How do you feel the Lifeline service helps people?

The Lifeline service helps people by providing 24/7 monitoring, offering people peace of mind and life-saving response to alarm calls.

Have you any advice for someone considering a Lifeline alarm?

My advice would be: it’s better to have something like the Lifeline alarm in place, just in case you need it. I would always advise having a keysafe too. A keysafe offers secure, easy access in the event of an emergency.

You speak to a wide variety of people every day in the Lifeline Customer Service Team. How do you adapt to each call?

By mirroring each person and how they approach the call. If they are talkative, then I will happily chat with them. If they prefer to be straight to the point, then I will simply address the situation in hand.

What is the best part of what you do?

The best part is speaking to people who thank you for the service you provided for them, or their mother/father, and hearing people say how much of a help it is.

What do you think is important for people to know about your job?

It is important for people to know that, in this job, we provide something that can save people’s lives and help families who are anxious about their elderly loved ones living on their own.

LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm Service

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Meet the Team blog! If you’d like to know more about the Lifeline Alarm Service, there are several ways you can get in touch.

You can call us anytime on 0800 999 0400 – the Lifeline Customer Service Team is open 24 hours a day. You can also send us an email at or message us on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, fill in the Contact Us form here on our website, and a member of the Customer Service Team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

To order your Lifeline alarm, call 0800 999 0400 or click here. All our alarms come with free next-day delivery.

LifeConnect24 Supporting NHS Test and Trace

Here at LifeConnect24, we are supporting the NHS COVID-19 app. The free app is a vital part of the NHS Test and Trace service in England, and the NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect service.

Protect your loved ones. Download the app today.

LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
LifeConnect24 Personal Alarm supports you at home 24/7
LifeConnect24 Automatic Fall Detector 24/7 monitoring
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