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Please make sure you complete all steps below to ensure that your alarm is set up correctly.

Step 1 - Setup your Direct Debit

If you haven’t done so already, it is very important that you set up your Direct Debit now. We will collect your annual renewal payment, the first of which will be due 12 months after opening your account. We will email you before we collect the first annual renewal payment.

Setup Direct Debit

Step 2 - Complete the New Customer Form

Please complete your New Customer Form as soon as possible. You will need details of any medical conditions that the alarm user may have and emergency contact details.

New Customer Form

Step 3 - Install your new alarm

Please only install your alarm the day after we receive your New Customer Form.
We will confirm receipt of your form via email or over the phone.

You can install your alarm in 3 easy steps. These are detailed in the Installation Guide that should arrive with your alarm. Our short installation video may also help you.

Installation Guide (PDF)

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A keysafe is a great way of ensuring that your emergency contacts and paramedics can get into your home once you have pressed your pendant. If your emergency contacts cannot be reached by our Response Team, how will the emergency services get in if your door is locked?

Customers with a keysafe pass on their code to our Response Team, who can then share this with paramedics and any emergency contacts who don’t have their own key. The time saved here could make all the difference.

Having a keysafe improves the overall security of your home.