Lifeline Professional FAQs

Can I combine products for some customers, and not others?

We encourage it! If some customers would like a Fall Detector and others would prefer just a standard pendant, you can certainly combine the trigger buttons as you wish. You can also add on some Smoke Detectors and Key Safes - any quantity you wish.

Can I plug the alarms in myself?

We do offer an installation service however if you would like your alarms up and running the very next day, we can have them sent out to you and they can be plugged in then and there. Our alarms are plug 'n' play so are very simple to install - they simply need to be plugged in. We can arrange for the alarms to be sent on a next working day delivery service if you would rather install them yourself, quicker.

Can you monitor our existing alarms?

We certainly can. We do provide a rental service of the Lifeline alarms but we can also monitor your existing alarms. To find out if we can monitor your alarms, please get in touch today. Call 0800 999 0400 | Email

How do I place an order?

To place a corporate order, we must first provide you with a quote which can be done over the phone or via email. We can have a quote made up and sent to you within 24h.

Please call or email us to speak to a member of our Corporate Team who can tailor quotes to your needs and provide any information you may require. Call 0800 999 0400 | Email

I would like my alarms installed. How quickly can this be done?

We can deliver your alarms within 24 hours and can usually install them within 2 days. To arrange your installation, please call or email us.

Would my residents be eligible for a Lifeline?

Yes. Everyone is eligible for a Lifeline alarm! It doesn't matter if the user is elderly or a teenager, if they would like the added security of an alarm from LifeConnect24, they can certainly have one.