SmartLife Fall Detector Alarm Annual Plan

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Untitled (600 x 352 px)

SmartLife Fall Detector Alarm Annual Plan

3 months free + Setup fee
Your one-off alarm setup fee covers the costs of programming your alarm and creating your account on our monitoring system. Your alarm unit arrives ready to go, simple to plug in and use.
From £24.99per month

12 month initial term + setup fee


Key features:

  • 24/7 monitoring from our in-house Response Team
  • Automatic fall detection up to 100m
  • Alarm platform connection in under 10 seconds
  • No phoneline necessary – plug in anywhere
  • End-to-end encryption on all alarm calls
  • Lightweight and waterproof pendant
  • Neck and wrist wearing options included
  • Free next day delivery
More Info
This plan includes Fall Detection Service
Find out if you qualify for VAT exemption
If you as the alarm user, or the person you are ordering for, have a long-term illness or disability, then you do not have to pay VAT for this service. If you select yes for VAT exemption, no VAT will be added to your purchase price. You will need to complete a short VAT relief form which will be sent to you after your order. If you do not qualify for VAT exemption, please select no at checkout.
For further information on VAT Exemption please visit our blog. Alternatively, you can find out more on the HMRC website.
Use code SAVE10 for £10 off your
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Free next day delivery
Use code SAVE10 for £10 off your alarm plan
Free next day delivery