The Benefits of Model Building

• Written by Josh

We’re keen to stress the importance of older people picking up a new hobby or two here at LifeConnect24. Having a hobby can bring you many benefits, whether it’s mentally, socially, or physically. One such example of a hobby that can bring a smile to your face is the art of model building.

Model building is a hobby that can become quite addictive, as you look to add more projects to your shelf. In today’s post we will outline just a few of the many benefits of building scale models in your spare time.

Stress Relief

Model building is a hobby that can be a good reliever of stress. You can escape to your own little assembly area to concentrate solely on building your latest project, clearing your mind of any problems that you had previously.

Model Space explain further:

If you’re more of an introvert, or simply have a quieter disposition, then scale modelling is a hobby that is tailor-made to relieve your stresses. A couple of hours spent piecing together or painting your model can clear your mind of the problems of the world, and leave you in a calmer state than when you began.”

Time with Loved Ones

The art of model building is one that can be shared with others. In a time period crammed full of modern technology, the hands-on hobby of building model cars, or other vehicles and buildings, is one that can bring people together.

This is a great hobby to enjoy with your grandchildren. You can build your projects together, strengthening your relationship and teaching them the rewards of good teamwork. Spending time with loved ones helps to combat any feelings of loneliness that you may be experiencing, which again is very important for your well-being.

Model Building is Rewarding

The feeling you have once you’ve finished your latest project will be one that’s quite unbeatable. The sense of achievement and being proud of yourself as you look upon your completed model is a great feeling. It’s important to feel this way no matter how old you are.

Many, Many Skills

Model building is no easy task, which means the further you go into the hobby, the more skills you will learn and master. Putting together your favourite sports car or aeroplane is going to take time, and there are a number of stages you’ll need to go through on your journey.

Each stage will require a different skill set. To be more precise, Model Space believe that the following skills will need to be mastered in order to get the best experience from model building:

  • Researching.
  • Planning.
  • Cutting.
  • Drilling.
  • Sculpting.
  • Sanding.
  • Gluing.
  • Painting.
  • Detailing.
  • Photography.

It’s exciting to learn new things, especially for older people. Keeping your brain active and challenged is important, as it can lower your risk of dementia at a later stage of your life. You will also feel very proud as you master a new aspect of model building, and a smile will most definitely be on your face.

Model Warfare

In an interview on the Graham Norton Show, Hollywood actor Henry Cavill spoke of his love for a tabletop model game called “Warhammer”. He expressed how much fun he has with it, and described the nature of the hobby. During the interview, Cavill explained that there are two sides to the hobby: “There’s the painting/modelling side of the hobby and then there’s the gaming side of the hobby.”

Warhammer is a game where you perform simulated battles using model soldiers. You roll dice to determine the outcome of fights, and it truly puts your tactical mind to the test. It’s a little more complicated than that, but it has a worldwide following (and avid fans like Cavill himself also enjoy reading the many books set in the world of the game).

Choosing to engage in this hobby will bring all the benefits of model building, as well as providing an opportunity for fighting (pun intended) loneliness by engaging in an entertaining hobby. It might seem like a young man’s game, but it’s been around for years and has a loyal following of all ages and genders. Why not give it a go?

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Editor’s Note: This article was updated on 9th February 2024 to reflect current information.

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